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Breathtaking trip to Brunei

The small country of Brunei is located in South-East Asia, it is known as the Brunei Darussalam. This Islamic nation is well known for its riches due to mineral oil and gas. Travel Brunei for its vast thick forests, royal traditions and mesmerizing Islamic architecture.

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This nation has centuries of monarchy and royal heritage. The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah is one of the richest people of the world. The capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan is full of ancient and modern buildings along with pristine architecture. Go to see the Malay Technology Museum and the Brunei Museum to get a glimpse of the rich traditions and history of this nation. Kampong Ayer is an interesting place to visit with a water village, houses connected by walkways and variety of stilt habitation.

Hassanal Bolkiah Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei

Swimming and river rafting at the Ulu Tembourong National Park or even trekking on the trails with canopy on the wooden pathway will be thrilling experience. Picturesque countryside with thick forests and varied wildlife offers beautiful holidaying experience. Visit the Jerudong Theme Park for some amusement rides along the beach near the district of Brunei Muara. The pastel beaches and turquoise sea with mangrove swamps bring you close to scenic beauty and some relaxing time.

Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Enjoy traditional games like kite flying and gasping for some fun. You can get thrilled while engaging in modern waters ports near Tutong, Muara, Kuala Belait, Serasa and Lumut beach. Island of Pulau Selirong has mangroves and many wild creatures like macaques, monkeys, eagles and kingfishers for nature watch. Hill resort at the Tasek Merimbun Lake is popular for picnicking and jungle exploration. Peek at royal history through a visit to Tomb of Sultan Bolkiah.

Malay Technology Museum Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Malay Technology Museum, Brunei

Shopping at the Kuala Belait, Seria and capital will be a unique experience. Antiques at the Tamu night market are attractive souvenirs. Mouthwatering cuisine, non existent night life and alcohol ban makes this place a special destination for adventurers and solitude lovers. Travel Brunei for some rejuvenation and a memorable holiday.

Kampong Ayer. Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Kampong Ayer. Brunei

Ulu Tembourong National Park Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Ulu Tembourong National Park, Brunei

Jerudong Theme Park Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Jerudong Theme Park, Brunei

Brunei Muara Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Brunei Muara, Brunei

Kuala Belait Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Kuala Belait, Brunei

Tasek Merimbun Lake Brunei   Breathtaking trip to Brunei

Tasek Merimbun Lake, Brunei

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