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travel France

World’s most popular holiday destination, France has been successful in luring millions of travelers every single year, from all across the world. An ancient country located in the West of Europe, France is famous for its rich historic background, rich culture and modern fashion.

Mont St Michel 3 Brittany France July 2011 1024x726 travel France @ travelbrochures.org

Mont St. Michel, Brittany France

Travel France and be a part of its extravagant lifestyle and culture. Surrounded by other beautiful countries like Belgium (north), Luxembourg (north-east), Switzerland and Germany (East), Italy (South- east and finally, Spain and England (West), France has enriched its culture from all its heritage neighbors.

Paris France2 travel France @ travelbrochures.org

Paris, France

The country also has a huge exotic Atlantic Ocean based coastline that gifts the country with a number of beautiful beaches. This geographical diversity makes France one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

French Riviera France travel France @ travelbrochures.org

French Riviera, France

Paris, French Riviera, the French Alps, beaches on the Atlantic coastline, Castles in the Loire Valley, Normandy and Brittany are some of the most popular tourist destinations in France. These destinations are a common attraction for people when they travel France. Paris, the capital of the country, is one of the most seductive cities in the world.

French Alps France travel France @ travelbrochures.org

French Alps, France

Its architecture, style, artistic appear, museums, shops, galleries, etc. all make Paris one of the most stylish cities in the world.

Loire Valley France travel France @ travelbrochures.org

Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley, also regarded as the famous “Garden of France” is one widely known for its delicious cuisines and the best wines in the world. Similarly, the French Riviera is yet another beautiful holiday destination in the country that is commonly visited by a number of tourists for its scenic beauty.

Normandy France travel France @ travelbrochures.org

Normandy, France

Located on the Mediterranean coastline, the French Riviera is hardly two hours drive to the beautiful Alps. Monaco and Antibes are two other cities in the same belt that can also be visited when on a tour to French Riviera. During the winters, skiing on the French Alps is also another attraction that lures many adventure lovers to the country.

Brittany France travel France @ travelbrochures.org

Brittany, France

Garden of France France travel France @ travelbrochures.org

Garden of France, France

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